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Academic year 2014-15 closes off – time for reflection?


As the current academic year comes to a close what opportunities are there for improving e-learning through e-confident approaches?

This year the growing demand for multi platform material has definitely been the big feature. Learning material that only runs on a windows platform is definitely “old hat”, no doubt. With increased access to good quality broadband connections and data inclusive contracts on mobile devices, people want to learn on the move.

The summer break gives us great opportunities to upgrade material aware from the old “Flash” based units to a new multi platform media like HTML5 and facilitate the move to mobile e-learning.

At e-confident we have been upgrading our tool set and applying the new HTML tools to building a course in business analysis for an associate organisation. We discovered so many of the players in the business analysis training space are still running on a windows platform. Mobiles and tablets, including IPADS ┬ájust can’t access their content.

I think an additional thought for summer reflection is to think about re building content moving to short and sharp modules away from just voiced over Powerpoint to material that is designed for e-learning consumption. Small bite sized learning objectives with short bite sized deliveries that can be consumed piece meal on demand, rather than 20 minute plus mega units.

Small units facilitate faster download speeds particularly helping with the move to mobile and multi platform learning and getting rid of those unnecessary graphics that add no value helps too.

This short and sharp approach is the way e-learning is going as this year evidences.




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