Learning development through technology

Blended learning

Traditional trainers lament the use of “impersonal e-learning” but it doesn’t need to be like that because a mix of self study based e-learning accompanied with web driven tutorials maintains the personal connection and personality benefits of a tutor; this is called blended learning; e-Confident will help you structure such an approach.


This blended learning  approach provides a good compromise between the cost reductions and flexibility of web based training and not losing the personal touch. If you want there is nothing to stop you having a traditional face to face session to kick off the course or maybe some supplemental traditional meetings throughout  the year to build up rapport . Use a choice of approaches to get the best fit for your learners and your budget, just become e-Confident with blended learning.










e-Confident supports a Business Analysis Training Company to provide its services nationwide.Contact us for the Foundation in Business Analysis Course

121 Mentoring in Business Architecture facilitated by blended learning through e-confident.

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