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Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development is the term used for how people maintain and grow their knowledge and skills in relation to their professional lives by planning their learning, reflecting on it and then adapting what has been learnt, to the job they do.learnpixabaypublicdomain

A requirement to perform and evidence CPD is common to most professions. It helps to progress competence, knowledge, skills and practical experience. It proves the professional is keeping up to date with current trends and changes in regulatory frameworks or standards.


For the individual CPD will:

  • Provide a record of your professional development, highlighting your progression and achievements.
  • Spotlight gaps in your skills, that will enable you to focus on further training needs.
  • Help with your career development and keep an eye on your goals.

For the employer CPD will:

  • Help develop each member of staff to their full potential by linking learning to actions and theory to practice.
  • Promote staff development which will lead to improved staff morale and a more motivated workforce.
  • Enable staff to apply learning to their role and thus will aid your organisation’s development.

Here at e-Confident we can build your business requirements from a single course to multi-disciplined course modules, providing you with a cost effective solution to your organisation’s CPD  and Lifelong Learning needs.

e-Confident can develop, build and host study schemes for your staff to meet the competences they need for their current or prospective job roles. We will focus on the precise requirements of your organisation and then we can provide a tailoeducation-pixabaypublicdomainred training scheme for your staff. All learning can be easily accessed at work, home  or even whilst commuting on public transport as our learning schemes are compatible with mobile devices as well as PCs.

To discuss your requirements further contact admin@deversolutions.co.uk


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