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E-Learning or electronic learning refers to using a computer to get access to part of, or the entirety of a course and the most common way to do this is through the use of a LMS.

A learning management system (LMS) is a web-based software application to host content and use as the virtual college or academy. It provides a means of structuring learning programs, hosting and delivering content and managing students, lecturers and programme administrators alike. It usually has the functionality to log learner aclearntivity, capture student assignments and track marking and provide reports. It is a very efficient way of assessing and tracking learners particularly when the numbers get substantial. Colleges and universities use a LMS to deliver online courses and augment on-campus courses. Corporate training departments use a LMS to deliver online training, as well as to automate record-keeping and employee registration. A LMS is often used by regulated industries for compliance training.


Our LMS at e-Confident will manage your training and educational records as well as developing and hosting your content. This is carried out through a mix of hosting, authoring and maintenance supplemented by soft skills training to develop people to make the most of this growing field. We provide a variety of delivery methods and media including: presentations, screen casting, quizzes, case studies and other forms of assessment. The recent growth in the use of tablets and phones for mobile learning is supported by providing learning material accessible across technology platforms elearn1including: Windows, IOS (Apple) and Android to name a few. This means learning can take place while out and about; commuting to work on the train, bus or at home at your leisure, when and where you want to do it. Being tied to a windows PC is no longer required.


We offer services to commercial organisations and colleges who wish to move programmes and learning content to an electronic platform. For learning and development departments we provide the means to manage learner by learner, course by course; logging who has accessed what and when, keeping ongoing data of all assessments taken. We find that undertaking short sharp modules with periods of reflection between them enable a much better uptake of concepts and techniques. Our LMS provides protection for your material such as domain protection and watermarking along with passwords for each learner.

The maielearn3n benefits to your staff are that they have access to their course materials 24/7 and can learn at their own pace. The benefits to your organisation are it will reduces face to face costs including travel, accommodation and  trainer expenses, you can track the progress of internet-42583_640 (1)candidates and maintain a consistent quality of training throughout your organisation





e-Confident supports a Business Analysis Training Company to provide its services nationwide.Contact us for the Foundation in Business Analysis Course

121 Mentoring in Business Architecture facilitated by blended learning through e-confident.

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