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E learning Materials Provide Support for Traditional Delivery


E-learning is deployed often to save cost. Face to face training is expensive not only from the direct costs of the training but the hidden costs of travel, subsistence and working week disruption.

In  many cases this is  good business sense. There is always a balance between cost savings and quality and the balance really is about learning outcomes versus investment.

So, what we are saying here is face to face training has its place and if it provides the best learning experience for a return on investment, then that is fine. E-learning has its place but it isn’t right for everything – you see we have integrity here at e-confident!

One thing we are finding though is that it doesn’t have to be a binary decision between e-learning or classroom  delivery and there are many combinations of approaches that can be deployed to provide the correct balance. A mix of face to face training days supported by e-learning materials accessed by learners at their own pace and demand is a good compromise for topics that require discussion or tutor intervention and coaching. I have had learners give feed back that to be able to go over topics in their own time  on the LMS in support of conventionally delivered sessions is really good for embedding knowledge and particularly in the case of reflective learning styles.

E-learning supported by tutorials is another mix where the learning is so called “flipped” or blended learning i.e. the learner consumes the material on line and the tutor then assesses learning and provides a sounding board for embedding ideas and concepts.

The message of this post is, there is a spectrum of options from pure e-learning through to pure traditional classroom training and you need to pick the mix to maximise  ROI and focus on learning quality, not just on cutting costs.


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