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E-learning Supports Software Sales


Selling software as a service is a growing business model as software seller’s move from one off license sales to ongoing revenue through pay for use. In this so called “Software as a  Service  (SAAS) model”  customers pay per month for the use of the software generating a stream of potential ongoing income.

E- learning scenario based modules that solve real business problems and show how the software can be used to deliver software solutions in a step by step practical way, then we end up with users who use software more and more productively; if they are productive and see ongoing value then they will continue to provide revenue.

If you sign up for a SAAS product and you have difficulty in getting it to do what you want, then there is a very high chance of you stopping to use it. The benefit of SAAS as sign up and try from a customer perspective can be seen as attractive, but conversely a disappointed frustrated client is a rapidly lost customer. When getting the customer on board costs more than the first six months of revenue then there is a problem.

So, consider training as a key component of your software selling strategy.


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