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Easter holidays emphasise the benefits of e-learning

Post 16 colleges abide by the normal academic timetable which is based on the idea that children need a break from learning, hence the half terms and other blocks of non- teaching time.

Often though, our local colleges support a lot of adult learners, many of whom are are in employment and “holiday weeks” are actually no different to them than the so called “term time” weeks.  In teaching adult HND/HNC students over the last five years or so I continually got told that this was frustrating as they “just wanted to get on with things!”

This is where e-learning resources come in, to get over the traditional time tabling of our local educational establishments. With revision material or holiday specific units being provided to enable enthusiastic adult learners to “just keep on going” then this school originating timetabling issue can be avoided.

E-learning is of course open to when you want to learn and where you want to learn it. In a environment where it is mixed with traditional classroom sessions, like in an FE college, then you get the best of both worlds.  This is particularly the case now, with new cross platform media that allows access to material across tablets, phones and non PC platforms .

At e-Confident we recently upgraded our capabilities to embrace this cross platform approach. With access to our  material via non PC, or laptop equipment increasing month on month, we are seeing a good return on our investment.

You might well say though “why don’t colleges just step back and re consider their timetabling?”  A subject for another day, I diplomatically reply!


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