Learning development through technology

About Us

e-Confident provides expertise to design, create and host e-learning. Online learning is the fastest growing trend in adult learning today for the development of Life Long Learning skills.

We offer services to commercial organisations and colleges  who wish to move programmes and content to an online learning, electronic platform. This is carried out through  a mix of  hosting, authoring and maintenance supplemented by soft skills training to develop people to make the most of this growing field.

We provide a variety of  delivery methods and media for our online learning including: presentations, screenelearn3 casting, quizzes, case studies and other forms of assessment which can be accessed using a variety of technology platforms.This means online learning can take place while out and about; commuting to work on the train, bus  or at home , when and where you want to do it. Being tied to a windows PC is no longer required.

For learning and development departments our online learning site provides the means to manage learner  by learner, course by course; logging who has accessed what and when, keeping ongoing data of all assessments taken.

Studies have shown that 40% of the cost of corporate training is taken up in travel, accommodation and venue expenses so distance online learning saves money, no doubt.

Education theory suggests that attention span is limited to 20- 30 minutes, so traditional three day classroom courses are perhaps not the best answer to learning. Undertaking short sharp modules with periods of reflection between them enable a much better uptake of concepts and techniques.

In regulatory environments where logging the completion of compliance training  by each and every staff member is required then the e-confident online learning approach makes economic sense.

In professions where Continued Professional Development (CPD) requires a number of specified of houmouse1rs per year to be recorded then the use of online learning allows organisations to provide material and log uptake and record those vital CPD hours with minimal administrative costs.




e-Confident supports a Business Analysis Training Company to provide its services nationwide.Contact us for the Foundation in Business Analysis Course

121 Mentoring in Business Architecture facilitated by blended learning through e-confident.

Gamification coming soon.