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Induction Training

If you regularly have people joining the company and want to make sure every new starter is exposed to the companies ways of doing things in a  consistent way, then an induction course is something you might want to consider.

We can construct a “branched” pathway for new joiners that takes the new employee through ¬†a welcome induction pack which could include:

  • What the company does.
  • Values and expected behaviours.
  • Compliance requirements testing that the new employee has understood the rules for matters such as health and safety, data protection or any industry specific regulatory requirement.
  • General company procedures such as expense claim processes and allowances
  • How to access the common I.T. systems in use in the company.pageplus

The opportunities are wide.

Remember that induction training carried out like this,when hosted on a learning management system, keeps a record of who did what, when and records whether they achieved a pass score on tests.

This is excellence for quality control and proof of adherence to regulatory requirements.

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