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Interactive User Manuals

Interactive user manuals, built by e-Confident are an excellent way of training people to use your product or software combining the delivery of “how to” plus assessment to check that people have understood the concepts of what you are trying to tell them.

Using branching techniques and frequently asked question approaches the manual can be non linear, expanding or skipping areas according to user need.

For software manuals, short sharp screen casts can be included to get over how to do things in concise and focused snippets.

For companies that provide a mix of 018-1software functionality training but want to explain  how to apply the software as a  solution to a business problem through its implementation; then this “how to plus why” approach is excellent to mix usability within the  context of where and why it should be used.

e.g  A spreadsheet can calculate the standard deviation of a set of figures (functionality) but why I would do this, what is the the theory behind it and where I would use it (application/solution) can be combined in this “manual plus “approach

Combining all these techniques in an e-Confident delivered interactive user manual is much more fun and exciting than a boring PDF manual that so many organisations produce.

In all, it can put your company over as a innovative and creative company through using this creative approach.

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