Learning development through technology

Is a classroom PowerPoint ok for e-learning?

A traditionally delivered presentation should use the slides to make bullet points or summaries for the presenter. The personality and style of delivery make the learning happen. Plodding through and reading a PowerPoint is not good practice, as most teachers and trainers would agree.

So, is a Powerpoint OK to use as content in e-learning, as so many UK colleges do. Often this is the only content seen in lecturers areas in the learning managing systems (LMS). If it is just a record of “what we did in the lesson” – yes that’s fine, however if it’s the main delivery technique  of learning then I would suggest the answer should be no.

Online learning without direct human support needs to be structured very differently than a traditional training session led by PowerPoint. Without the lecturer inspiring the student with his or her personality and engaging style things are going to get dull fairly quickly.


“If this is true why do so many FE/HE colleges fill their LMS systems with 30+ slide  PowerPoints? ”


“Many teachers and trainers don’t understand that e-learning is a different game. Commercial trainers are often the worst as they are accomplished practitioners in their subject; they just “show up and tell”. Many of these trainers  have never been trained in teaching; they rarely set objectives, apply individual assessments or exhibit differentiation. Their classroom training has much to improve upon let alone getting to grips with the instructional design required in remote or online delivery.”


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