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Rapid e-learning hits the spot.

It wasn’t that long ago that building a survey quiz or a short e-learning model would take a week. It was a fairly substantial investment that needed some serious use to return the investment. The result was training modules pretty much cast in stone designed to return value through many deliveries. Build once at a substantial effort and play and play again. Much of it was coded and required I.T. skills that were hard to learn and basically a bit of a priesthood developed around e-learning.

Today, however things are easier, not completely devoid of skill hence we wouldn’t be running this business but, timescales and return on investment does not have such hurdles to jump over.

This means we can build things that can be changed and adapted as long as they get used a bit to generate income to pay for the development, then all is OK. Shorter development cycles mean less cost, quicker development and therefore more flexibility.

A year or two ago the idea of building a module to access a set of candidates for a particular job role in recruitment would have not have been feasible, as the use would not have justified the investment. Today things are better, meaning it can now be economic to build a filter quiz for a recruitment programme for 10- to 20 candidates that just lasts a couple of weeks in a year; in the past no way.

Rapid development is here and getting better month on month as technologies and techniques improve; e-confident is of age.



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