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The Substance behind the CV

Curriculum vitae contain so much, but how do we know the substance behind the strap lines and those paragraphs extolling great skills and virtue.  A quick set of questions to make sure candidates have some depth and substance during the early phase of the recruitment process is a good way of saving everyone’s time.

Many graduate recruitment processes contain online questionnaires, but they are often bland and contain maths, sequence and logic questions rather than queries on skills closuccess-pixabaypublicdomainser to home on the position being sought.

You don’t see them much in recruitment for specific roles because the incorrect assumption  is that they are too difficult to build for each role and therefore as a consequence they are kept for gap year students and graduate intake. In the past this might have been the case, but now with e-Confident it is easy to have a quick filtering quiz built for specific hiring assignments.

If you want to combine some deep questioning on skills but retain a good branded look and feel and present your company well in the recruitment process e-Confident techniques can help you.

So, if you are an HR business partner/specialist looking to help hiring managers get the right candidates in for interview, or a specialist recruiter submerged in over sold C.V.s then think about an e-confident solution to turn a real probldocumenpixabaypublicdomainem into an opportunity.

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