Learning development through technology

Supporting Sales Channels

Is training and communicating product information to your sales channels an expensive overhead?

Many B2B businesses create value  through the sale of their products and services through partners, dealers or agents- this is a sales channel. Industries use different terms but the nature of the issue is the same. Dealer support is expensive with travel and subsistence for trainers and dealer managers especially over international territories.

Using an e-confident approach can present material to support your sales channels across borders and time zones alike with appropriately targeted content.

Whether this is content hosted on a dedicated learning management environment or as modules within an intranet/extranet the opportunities for cost reduction and communication enhancement are great.

Just imagine making your dealer support entirely scalable by not being restricted to howpersonalpixabaypublicdomain many visits or sessions your fixed headcount can deploy in the field. If face to face is important to you the e-Confident approach can be combined with your traditional approaches to help reduce costs  and get the best of both worlds.


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121 Mentoring in Business Architecture facilitated by blended learning through e-confident.

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