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E-learning Supports Software Sales

E-learning Supports Software Sales

Selling software as a service is a growing business model as software seller’s move from one off license sales to ongoing revenue through pay for use. In this so called “Software as a  Service  (SAAS) model”  customers pay per month for the use of the software generating a stream of potential ongoing income. E- learning […]

Academic year 2014-15 closes off R...

Academic year 2014-15 closes off – time for reflection?

As the current academic year comes to a close what opportunities are there for improving e-learning through e-confident approaches? This year the growing demand for multi platform material has definitely been the big feature. Learning material that only runs on a windows platform is definitely “old hat”, no doubt. With increased access to good quality […]

E learning Materials Provide Support ...

E learning Materials Provide Support for Traditional Delivery

E-learning is deployed often to save cost. Face to face training is expensive not only from the direct costs of the training but the hidden costs of travel, subsistence and working week disruption. In  many cases this is  good business sense. There is always a balance between cost savings and quality and the balance really […]

Quizzes and Qualitative Assessment So...

Quizzes and Qualitative Assessment Some Thoughts.

Quizzes form a dominant part of e-learning assessment. The format is usually a section of information delivery followed by a quiz to test learning.  Modern content development tools allow branching; this is the ability to direct the learner through a revision section should the answer be wrong and then re-test.  The branching technique allows differentiation […]


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